Better Nutrition for Healthier Bees!


BeesVita Plus™:

BeesVita Plus™ is a patent pending, all-natural nutritional supplement that is fed to honey bees year round. In addition to containing carbohydrates and essential amino acids, the solution also contains lipids, essential oils, minerals and antioxidants making it unique as the only complete honey bee nutritional supplement.

BeesVita Plus™ strengthens the honey bee thereby enabling the honey bee to withstand greater environmental toxins and stress. When used as directed, benefits include:

  • promoting brood rearing
  • increasing the adult bee population
  • helping to control Varroa infestations
  • helping to control Nosema infestations
  • helping to prevent the occurrence of colony collapse disorder (CCD).


The Beespenser™:
BeesFree BeespenserThe Beespenser™ is a patent pending automated feeding system designed to assist professional beekeepers in efficiently and effectively delivering BeesVita Plus™ to their colonies.

The Beespenser™ is virtually maintenance free, requiring approximately 15 minutes of service time every month in order to provide BeesVita Plus™ for up to 50 colonies.

For more information about BeesVita Plus™, the Beespenser™, or to order, please contact

What is CCD?

Since 1984, the beekeeping industry has witnessed multiple introduction of invasive species, including the parasitic tracheal mite Acarapis woodi (identified 1984), the parasitic mite Varroa destructor (identified 1987), Africanized honey bees (1991), the small hive beetle Aethina tumida (identified 1996), the Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus - IAPV (identified 2007) and the Nosema ceranae (identified 2007). For the past 20 years, parasitic mites have caused extensive damage to honey bees. These mites transmit viruses to bees and cause significant colony losses each year. Mite-related losses reached catastrophic proportions during the winters of 1995/1996 and 2000/2001 when ...
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